About Us

AS Trust & Holdings (“ASTH”) is officially registered in Saipan, part of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. ASTH, Inc. is a Corporation registered in the State of Hawaii, and “ASTH” is the name under which the Company proceeds domestically. The Company began operations in 1998 and filed its patents for HCR188C in the year 2000. HCR188C is patented in the USA, the EU, China and Japan, other patents are pending.

ASTH is jointly owned by Richard H. Maruya and his wife, Theresa A. Maruya

ASTH’s product is a groundbreaking technological advancement capable of revamping entire industries where coolant/refrigerants are in common use. R441A/HCR188C is far more economical, environmentally friendly, and efficient than all similar product offerings on the market. In many cases, the refrigerant can be used as a drop-in replacement without re-engineering the equipment. The refrigerant has a practical application for multiple products in the United States and the world at large.