Guidelines for Using R441A/HCR188C and Derivatives in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

R441A/HCR188C is a hydrocarbon-based refrigerant that does not deplete our Earth's protective ozone layer as fluorocarbon refrigerants like R-12 and R-22 do, or effect global warming like R134a.

Inhalation of chlorofluorocarbons and hydro chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs and HCFC) refrigerants can cause oxygen deprivation, with serious health consequences. R441A/HCR188C was developed to replace the fluorocarbon refrigerants. R441A/HCR188C is compatible with proprietary seals, gaskets and most lubricants in existing refrigeration systems.

R441A/HCR188C, like any other hydrocarbon product, is flammable and must be used only by HVAC personnel trained and certified in the specific safe handling procedures for refrigerant gases. Fully trained and EPA-certified HVAC personnel following the specified precautions will find that HCR188C can be easily and safely charged into existing HVAC systems.

A retro safety valve was designed for use with R441A/HCR188C, for automobiles, but can be used with a split unit air conditioner. The valve is spring loaded and has the EPA assigned fitting sizes that have been approved by the EPA. The function of the valve is to shut off the refrigerant flow when the pressure drops below a certain level. When activated the remaining refrigerant in the system cannot leak into the passenger compartment of an automobile or into a building of a split unit air conditioner. Valves are placed close to the firewall on automobiles and before air conditioning lines enter a building.

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Although R441A/HCR188C is flammable, very little is used to charge a refrigeration system; usually only one-fourth the charge of fluorocarbon refridgerants!

Workplace safety is no accident. It does take an effort to learn and follow new safety procedures and to make them a part of every refrigerant retrofit job. The user alone has the responsibility to follow the R441A/HCR188C safe handling procedures to uphold the high safety standards of the HVAC industry.


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Material Safety Data Sheets

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Safety Valve SV001A Specification Sheet